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WATCH: The Full View Election Debate
18 April 2019, 7:13 PM

With just 19 days to the National and Provincial elections, The Full View election debate focuses on the crucial Youth Vote. The debate explores some of the factors that influence young people when they vote.

Toll free line linking to SAPS, emergency services launched in KZN
18 April 2019, 4:27 PM

Police and emergency services are now equipped to deal with emergencies faster through a 24-hour call centre. The toll-free line links the caller to the South African Police Service and emergency and rescue teams.

KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Social Development , Weziwe Thusi, says positive changes include trained social workers manning the lines and 24-hour accessibility.

“We have communicated with the SAPS so that if somebody is in trouble they are able to quickly contact the police and they are able to then go help. If you want help from an ambulance we are able to talk to the emergency services. We are going to have a geo locator so we can locate where the caller is and we are also going to have skype.”

Thusi says the centre is equipped to deal with a range of social issues.

“We might need help from government not for gender based violence only. Any problem that we have if you called us for grants, if they have problems with their social grants. Problems with substance abuse we do assist and refer relevant cases to the authorities.”

The toll-free number is 087 158 3000.



SANCU, EBieSA meet to discuss the poultry industry
17 April 2019, 7:27 PM

The South African National Consumer Union (SANCU) and the Emerging Black Importers and Exporter South Africa (EBieSA) say the proposed 82% import tariff hike on poultry products could increase local chicken prices.

The two lobby groups have also refuted claims that lower import tariffs could kill the local poultry industry.

SANCU and EBieSA held a media briefing earlier on Wednesday. They say higher import tariffs on poultry will push up local chicken prices by 32%.

SANCU also argues that a price increase will result in extreme hardship, this as chicken is the country’s cheapest source protein.

The lobby group’s vice chair, Dr Cliff Johnson, also explained that chicken is the only source of protein in the rural areas. He also dismissed reports that imported chickens carry salmonella and listeriosis as scaremongering tactics, which are aimed at protecting local producers.

EBieSA and SANCU have refuted claims that imports from Brazil, United States or Europe will kill the local poultry market.

EBieSA says local producers can only supply 70% of the country’s demand while the remaining 30% is met through imports.

EBieSA says the import markets accounts for nearly 12 000 jobs and they have described it as an opportunity for black players to get involved.


Court gavel
Court dismisses application by independent candidates to contest elections
17 April 2019, 5:04 PM

The Western Cape High Court has dismissed a court application to have independent candidates contest national and provincial elections.

The matter was brought before the High Court by the New Nation Movement, Chantal Revelle, and others. On Wednesday the matter was dismissed with no costs. However, the New Nation Movement says their fight is not over.

Justice Siraj Desai handed down judgment, dismissing it with no costs.

New Nation Movement, Chantal Revelle, GRO, and Indigenous First Nation Advocacy said the issue of accountability of public representatives- was at the heart of their application.

They argue that Members of Parliament are not directly answerable to citizens, but to the parties they belong to.

Revelle, the second applicant, wanted to stand as an independent candidate in the upcoming elections.

The application therefore also relied heavily on earlier remarks by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, in the My Vote Counts matter. He said every adult citizen may stand as an independent candidate at municipal, provincial or national level.

But, Justice Desai says these remarks are not binding.

Referring to Revelle, he said there was nothing stopping her from forming a political party, and standing for office.

He went on to say ruling in favour of the application, would have an effect on the election.

But, New Nation Movement says it plans to take this fight to the Constitutional Court .

However, the applicants will have to ask for leave to appeal from the High Court.

If this is denied, they will be able to petition the Constitutional Court directly.


Joko Widodo
Indonesia’s Widodo looks set for election victory – his challenger says no
17 April 2019, 3:33 PM

Indonesian President Joko Widodo appeared set for a second term as “quick count” results from Wednesday’s election rolled in, but his challenger claimed that he had won the popular vote and urged supporters not to let this victory be snatched away.

Data from private pollsters based on counts of vote samples were in line with opinion polls that had predicted a win for Widodo, a former furniture businessman and low-key reformist.

They showed him winning the popular vote with about 54%, with a lead of between 7.1 and 11.6 percentage points over former general, who was narrowly defeated when he took Widodo on in the last election five years ago.

Prabowo, a former son-in-law of military strongman Suharto who was overthrown in 1998, told a news conference that – based on internal exit polls and “quick count” numbers – his campaign believed his share of the vote was in a 52-54% range.

“We have noted several incidents that have harmed the supporters of this ticket,” he said, without giving detail. “Our volunteers should focus on safeguarding the ballot boxes because they are key to our victory.” Widodo said the results indicated he had regained the presidency of the world’s fourth-most-populous nation, but urged supporters to wait for the election commission to announce official results.

Kevin O’Rourke, a political analyst and author of the Indonesia-focused newsletter Reformasi Weekly, said that Widodo’s re-election was now clear but his victory over 67-year-old Prabowo was not resounding. “He failed to attain the psychological 60% level that had seemed within reach,” O’Rourke said. “Prabowo performed better than expected, which may embolden him to run yet again in2024, if he is sufficiently fit.”

Widodo grew up in a riverside slum and was the first national leader to come from outside the political and military elite.

Popularly known as Jokowi, his everyman image resonated in 2014 with voters tired of the old guard. The eight-hour vote on Wednesday for both the presidency and legislature seats across a country that stretches more than5,000 km (3,000 miles) from its western to eastern tips was both a Herculean logistical feat and testimony to the resilience of democracy two decades after authoritarianism was defeated.

The poll followed a campaign dominated by economic issues but was also marked by the growing influence of conservative Islam in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation.

A senior government official close to the president said before the election that a win for Widodo with 52-55% of the vote would be a “sweet spot”, and enough of a mandate to press on with, and even accelerate, reforms.


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