Situation inside the ANC highly unpredictable: Analyst

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Political analyst Xolani Dube says the situation inside the African National Congress (ANC) is highly unpredictable amid the suspension of party Secretary-General Ace Magashule. In the latest developments, Magashule was kicked out of the virtual NEC meeting on Saturday.

MP Bongani Bongo joined Magashule in being ejected from the virtual ANC NEC meeting.

A few days ago Magashule was served with a suspension letter and he in return suspend the ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa. Dube says what currently is happening at the ANC, no longer surprises the people of South Africa…

“We have to accept that ANC has turned itself into a madhouse so anything is expected. We are no longer surprised and for the past four days, we have seen a kind of madness in form of letters. From the secretary, deputy secretary and so forth. And so we as the public we have become numb to these kinds of communication that the ANC always displays in front of us.”

Xolani Dube’s ANC NEC analysis:

Media in SA selective in reporting

Dube says media in South Africa is selective in reporting when it comes to corruption and allegations against some political figures.

In an exclusive interview with the  South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC ), Magashule also claimed that some journalists had been captured.

Dube says many political leaders in the country have been accusing the media, saying they are not representing the true issues in society.

Dube says the ANC has not been consistent in dealing with political rivalry in the party. Dube says the ANC appears to be ‘losing the plot.’

“It is such a contradictory that he go back and consult with who were chased out of the ANC because it is the same ANC that told us that Thabo Mbeki is someone who is not desirable, Jacob Zuma is not a desirable person to proceed. Kgalema [Motlanthe] you are not fit to lead us, we want Cyril [Ramaphosa]. How can they say the incumbent secretary must go back and seek counselling  from the people who have been disposed of by the same organisation?”