Police fire rubber bullets as Kagiso residents hunt for alleged rapists

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Police have fired rubber bullets at protesting community members in Kagiso, west of Johannesburg.

Residents in Kagiso have taken to the street blockading the R28. They are expressing frustration over illegal mining in the area which they believe is the cause of the criminality in the area.

This comes after eight women were gang raped last week at an abandoned mine dump. Police say the suspects are believed to be illegal miners.

A number of residents are searching the township for illegal miners, saying they are terrorising community members.

Several illegal miners have been assaulted by community members.

Police are currently on the scene firing rubber bullets at the protesting community.

Suspects arrested for rape appear in Krugersdorp:

The community of Kagiso, has taken it upon themselves to hunt down illegal miners who are operating in the area.

Residents have split up in groups and are searching the area where the zama zamas ply their trade.

The community has managed to thus far track down several illegal miners who they have assaulted and apprehended.

Several main roads have also been blocked off to traffic with burning tyres and rocks. It is alleged that one person has been killed during the protest, however it’s still unconfirmed by police.