‘To avert water crisis, money must be spent correctly’

Water running from a tap
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Water Infrastructure expert, Professor Anja du Plessis has eased concerns about the state of Johannesburg’s water infrastructure, dispelling fears of an imminent collapse.

This after reports that the city’s water system is on the brink of collapse due to a lack of funds for essential repairs.

Du Plessis says, to avert a collapse, the money must be spent correctly on infrastructure.

Johannesburg Water has budgeted around R7-billion for infrastructure renewal, over the next five years, which is well below the required R32-billion for a similar period.

Du Plessis explains, “The part of the issue we are facing is obviously budget constraints, but also we need to spend the money where it’s needed, such as ageing pipes, reservoirs and other identified infrastructure that requires immediate attention. And I think if we do that, if we address the critical assets on a continuous basis which Joburg Water has indicated that they are currently doing, we might be able to avert a total collapse.”

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