Westbury residents living in fear as gang violence increases

Westbury community members gathered in a hall.
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Westbury residents in Johannesburg say they are once again living in fear for their lives, following another upsurge in gang related violence in the area.

This comes after a spate of gang related shooting incidents which resulted in several deaths, and multiple injuries.

In the last weekend, more than 10 people were shot in the area.

Community activist, Jefferson Jhonson says more than 40 people have been shot in the area since the beginning of this year.

“We have experienced so many deaths for this year, an estimated amount of 40 people and it might be more and it might be less. I am not too sure, however this past Saturday the 13th of April we have had 11 people that were shot and five people died, and unfortunately this is how bad it has become in our community.”

Gang Violence | Westbury residents living in fear