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Families struggle to pick up pieces after losing loved ones to COVID-19
12 May 2021, 12:43 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the world, over 3 million people across the globe have lost their lives to the pandemic.

In the past 24-hours, 71 South Africans also succumbed to the virus bringing the total number of deaths to over 54 000.

Families who have lost loved ones are battling to pick up the pieces amid the harrowing grief.

Virus ripping families apart

This Northern Cape family has been left grief-stricken following the death of wife, mother and grandmother. Avril Kadie, 53, was admitted to a hospital in August last year.

She tested positive for COVID-19 and within a week tragedy struck leaving her family shattered.

Husband Neil Kadie says, “Losing her, my friend – my confidante, my advisor, my nurse, my doctor, my housekeeper, you name it. She was all of that…it’s unbearable, I can’t… I really… I can’t cope without her.”

Her children are equally devastated, added Kadie.

This past Sunday marked their first Mother’s Day without their beloved mother. They say despite having each other, it’s still not easy.

Daughter Nolene Kadie says, “I feel I must be strong for my father and sister. it is very difficult. it feels as if a piece of my heart has been taken away. As if there’s no reason for me to live because my mother was my everything.”

Northern Cape sees a spike in COVID-19 cases

Many find solace in the place of worship during trying times, at least one religious leader says there’s been a spike in the numbers of those reaching out for professional help.

Crossover Church Kimberley Pastor Chaeslin Trollip says, “This pandemic has put people in isolation, whether it’s based on the fact that we couldn’t go out at level five or whether it’s the fact that all of us are isolated in regards to you getting the disease or the virus yourself and you have to isolate. so based on that we have really seen a heightened sense in regards to people reaching out and saying they want help.”

Over the past few months, lockdown regulations have been relaxed – after the economy took a huge blow. But numbers are rising again with the Northern Cape, Free State and North West the main concern.

But despite rising numbers and calls for vigilance from authorities, some are still not adhering to regulations.

Laboratories around Kimberley have their hands full – as the number of active cases continues to rise.

For the Kadie family, death statistics are not just numbers but a daily reality of loss.

South Africa’s COVID-19 Statistics as of 11 May 2021




Grace Mugabe summoned to appear before village court over Mugabe burial site
12 May 2021, 12:37 PM

A Zimbabwean chief has accused former first lady Grace Mugabe of inappropriately burying the country’s late President, Robert Mugabe at the family’s homestead, and has called for her to appear before a village court to face charges.

Mugabe has also been instructed to exhume the remains of the late former president so they can be reburied at a gravesite next to his mother Bona.

In the letter, Chief Zvimba says, “You are facing charges of burying the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe at his homestead. This is unheard of in Chief Zvimba’s area. At the same time, you are accused of abandoning Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s property which is scattered nationwide.”

“All properties of the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe are supposed to be kept at his homestead and handled in line with our traditions. I want you to rebury the late president in accordance with our traditions and in Zvimba at a place designated by the family and his late mother. These charges you are facing attract a fine of five cattle and a goat,” added Zvimba in the letter.

He also ordered Grace to attend the village court next week on Thursday at Gonzo Guzha Hall in Murombedzi Growth Point at 9:30am.

Grace Mugabe summoned to village court:

Mugabe family, government at loggerheads over his burial

Confusion reigned as a tussle between the family of late former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and the country’s government became apparent. The two were at loggerheads over the arrangements for Mugabe’s funeral.

In a statement, the family raised concerns about what it says is a lack of consultation on the programme and burial which they claim did not take into account his final wishes.

Mugabe died in a hospital in Singapore at the age of 95.

While the family said it was willing to work with the government it insisted that proceedings must conform to the late former President’s final wishes.

Among these, it stipulates that his wife Grace never leaves his casket until he is finally buried. This raises questions as to which parts of the proceedings she was to be excluded from.

VIDEO | State Capture Inquiry hears State security-related evidence
12 May 2021, 9:55 AM

The Commission will hear State Security Agency (SSA) related evidence from the Inspector General of Intelligence, Dr Setlhomamaru Dintwe on Wednesday.

STREAM: State Capture

The Commission is also scheduled to hear Transnet-related evidence from the former Transnet Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Siyabonga Gama at 16h00.

SAPS denies removal of security from the AmaZulu royal family palaces
9 May 2021, 1:21 PM

The South African Police Service (SAPS) says the Security for the Royal Family in KwaZulu-Natal has not been withdrawn.

The statement was made after widespread allegations at the Khangelamankengane Royal Palace that members of the SAPS VIP Protection Unit had been instructed to withdraw.

Concerns have also been raised by a number of members in the royal household including AmaZulu Prime Minister, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

National police spokesperson Vish Naidoo says, “Contrary to recent reports circulating in the mainstream and social media platforms, protection for the Royal Family in KwaZulu-Natal has not been withdrawn.”

“It is rather unfortunate that information of such protection being withdrawn was made public without the SAPS leadership being approached for verification. The Royal protection is informed by a threat assessment which is reviewed on an ongoing basis,” added Naidoo.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala also dismissed allegations that police protection for the newly appointed AmaZulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini has been withdrawn.

In a statement, Zikalala says that all Royal Palaces are under the protection of the SAPS adding that this security will continue.

He further stated that there has been a re-enforcement of security at all the palaces with the Tactical Response Unit (TRT).

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi confirms that King Misuzulu kaZwelithini is already on the throne

Prince Buthelezi confirms King Misuzulu kaZwelithini has been put on the throne

AmaZulu Traditional Prime Minister, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, has confirmed that King Misuzulu kaZwelithini has been put on the throne amid support from the royal family.

There was commotion on Friday night at the royal palace in Nongoma in northern KwaZulu-Natal after the will of the late regent Queen’s Mantfombi MaDlamini Zulu’s was read out.

She nominated her eldest son, Prince Misuzulu, as the next King of the AmaZulu Nation, but acknowledged this needed the support of the family.

Prince Buthelezi says there are processes that still need to be followed.

“As the family, as far as the Zulu nation is concerned, the king is already on his throne. There are formalities that should follow. I spoke to the Premier this morning and he said he wanted to see the minutes of what happened last when the will was read. What will follow now will be on the side of government.”

Buthelezi says all the royal family members including Prince Mbonisi and Princess Thembi have pledged support to the newly elected king of the Zulu nation.

Buthelezi says those royal family members who want to take legal action against the newly appointed King have every right to do so.

Buthelezi says he has heard some rumours. “I assume that definitely they may be. In fact, I can say to the media now that I heard rumours that some of them were actually looking for legal advice already a couple of days ago. That would be the work of the court to decide. If they want to dethrone the King already on the throne of course that is not without any precedent. There is no precedent for that but maybe it might happen this time around. I don’t know.”

Prince Misuzulu KaZwelithini confirmed as the king of the Zulu nation:

Infrastructure development for Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone set to start
9 May 2021, 10:39 AM

The Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Limpopo has indicated that the infrastructure development is expected to commence this financial year.

SEZ spokesperson Tshamano Makuya says that R310 million has been set aside for water reticulation infrastructure, electricity and fencing. More than R150 billion will be used to establish factories in the Musina-Makhado corridor.

However, there is opposition from some landowners, about the establishment of the project, arguing that it would damage the environment.

A group called the Mulambwane Property Association (MPA) owns 12 farms between the Louis Trichardt and Waterpoort areas.

The farms are affected by the development of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The group is in negotiations with the SEZ Board to lease some of its farms for development.

However, there is some resistance from the land beneficiaries to the lease of the farms.

MPA secretary Aubrey Luvha dismissed the group opposing the leasing of land saying it is against development. Luvha says they have agreed to lease 8000 hectares to the SEZ.

Luvha says, “We have 12 farms which comprise of 14 000 hectares and we will be able to release about 8 000 hectares where the community is going to benefit, the entire country will be able to benefit they will be part of the economy and also they will be able to get jobs, the companies will be able to operate locally here.”

However, MPA spokesperson Tshiwela Tshihuwa, which is against the leasing of the land, says there have been no proper consultations. Tshihuwa says whether they will benefit from job opportunities has also not been made clear to them.

“We don’t want it because the project owners did not engage us and the owners of the land. We want to protect our ancestors’ area where we perform rituals, we want to protect our indigenous trees, we are not happy that graves of our family members will be relocated. We appreciate the creation of jobs but they are not coming out clearly as to how are they going to create them and how are we going to benefit. They are not clear about that.”

Spokesperson of the Musina-Makhado SEZ Board, Tshamano Makuya, says infrastructure development is expected to start in the northern parts this financial year.

Makuya says, “The EIA approval or the environmental impact assessment approval for the north side was approved in 2016 and consequently we are in the process of the development site which we believe will commence this financial year and that is to develop water infrastructure, integrated security infrastructure, electricity infrastructure which will commence as I said this financial year and the budget allocated there is the tune of R320 million.”

Makuya also says the project will need large volumes of water, but adds that they have devised some plans of how to access it.

“For our medium-term solution, we conducted a pre-feasibility study for the development of Musina dam; this is an initiative that has been found to be technically sound. Wherein we will harvest water from the Sand and Limpopo river. In the long term, this is a solution that is envisaged which is to get water from Zimbabwe and this project is being worked on by Musina-Makhado SEZ with the department of Water and Sanitation,” added Makuya.

Earthlife Africa on Musina-Makhado SEZ



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