Innovative online tool simulates dangers of drunk driving

Drunk goggles simulator
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An organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the responsible use of alcohol, Aware.Org has unveiled an innovative digital tool called the ‘drunk goggles simulator’ ahead of World Creativity and Innovation Day tomorrow.

The simulator is designed to help South Africans understand the dangers of drinking and driving while encouraging them to prioritise safety by only driving sober.

Head of Brand at the organisation, Mokebe Thulo says the objective of this innovation is to provide people with the experience of how alcohol affects a person’s driving capabilities in real time.

Thulo explains, “How it works is that you are almost escorted into a bar and it’s a first person view of life. You go into a bar, you choose to have one, two, three or whatever number of drinks that you would like to have. There’s different types of alcohol and then you are basically given a set of car keys to go out into your car and you get an opportunity to go and drive this car and to park it safely. All you have to do is to navigate the car.”