The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Chairperson Amos Masondo  has dedicated Parliament’s budget vote to former President Nelson Mandela.

He says the budget vote is significant as it is presented just before International Mandela Day on Thursday.

Both Masondo and the National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise simultaneously delivered Parliament’s budget vote in the two Houses of Parliament.

Masondo also reminded NCOP members of how Mandela encouraged co-operative governance during the adoption of the constitution – which also saw the establishment of the NCOP to replace the then, Senate.

“We as the representatives of the people must ensure that the 27 years of incarceration that Nelson Mandela endured in prison, were not in vain. On co-operative governance and international relations, like Nelson Mandela had instructed us on the occasion of the adoption of the new constitution, – as elected representatives our pre-occupation at all levels of government, (I) quote “must be how to co-operate in the service of the people, rather than competing for power which otherwise belongs not to us but to the people”, For it is the vote of our people that catapulted us to these position, not to serve ourselves or our friends and families, – we must be committed to servant leadership and the culture of doing.”

Meanwhile, the National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise has stressed the importance of respect among Members of Parliament in her budget vote speech.

She says serious instances of disrespect will be directed to relevant committees.

This follows the removal of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MPs from the chamber last week during the budget vote speech of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

That’s after the EFF attempted to prevent him from speaking and rushed to the podium where he was speaking.

Gordhan challenged them to touch him.

Modise says the matter has been referred to Sub-committee on the Physical Removal of Members from the Chamber.

“We are public representatives let us respect the House, let us respect one another. We can have a robust debate as much as we want in this House you must use your freedom of speech but use it responsible from the presiding officer’s side we will do whatever to ensure that protection of members is adhered to.”

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