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South Africa faces another week of load shedding
11 July 2020, 8:34 PM

South Africans can brace themselves for another week of load shedding after Eskom announced that its generation system is still severely constrained.

The power utility says Stage 2 load shedding will continue until 10 o’clock on Saturday night and will be resumed at 8 o’clock Sunday morning.

Spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha says the implementation of load shedding on Sunday is necessary to replenish emergency generation reserves to prepare better for the coming week.

On Friday, Eskom implemented load shedding for the first time since the start of the lockdown due to an increase in plant breakdowns.

Mantshantsha says although teams have successfully returned to service three-generation units at the Arnot, Duvha and Kendal power stations on Saturday, the demand for electricity has risen significantly due to the cold weather.

In the video below, Eskom implements stage 2 load shedding: 

‘Load shedding necessary’

Mantshantsha says it is still necessary to load shed.

“Even though some of the units are expected back in service tonight [Saturday], continuing with load shedding tomorrow is necessary in order to replenish the emergency generation reserves to better prepare for the coming week. Due to the much colder weather, the demand for electricity has risen significantly. Three of the six-generation units contributing to the earlier breakdown have been successfully returned to service. We still have breakdowns at Arnot, Kendal, Tutuka and the Majuba power stations.”

Energy Expert and MD at EE Publishers, Chris Yelland explains:

City of Cape Town appeals to residents in informal settlements to move structures out of floodplain
11 July 2020, 8:31 PM
The City of Cape Town has appealed to residents in informal settlements to remove their structures out of the floodplain as heavy storms continue to lash the Western Cape.
The City says engineering teams will not be able to assist residents on the floodplain as it is the natural course of flooding.
A number of informal settlements, in Philippi, Khayelitsha and Du Noon have been affected.
Disaster management officials say flood kits and sandbags are being provided.

The City of Cape Town’s Disaster Management Centre says residents living in the Sevende Laan Informal Settlement at…

Posted by SABC News Western Cape on Saturday, 11 July 2020

An intense cold front hits the Western Cape: 
Spokesperson Charlotte Powell says several roads across the city have also been flooded and rockfalls were reported in Camps Bay.
“Emergency sheltering has been activated at churches in the area. Sassa has been informed to assist with humanitarian relief. Roofs were blown off in Uitsig, while numerous trees were uprooted across the city notably in Wynberg, Bantry Bay and Constantia. These are being attended to by the Recreation and Parks Department.”
In Sandvlei at Macassar, near Somerset West, residents are knee-deep in water following the torrential rain of the past few days.
At least 10 homes have been flooded after the Eerste River burst its banks on Saturday morning.
An affected resident, Wanita Johnson, says she had to stay with relatives after rising floodwaters seeped into her home.

The homes of residents of Sandvlei at Macassar near Somerset West are water-logged following torrential rainfall that…

Posted by SABC News Western Cape on Saturday, 11 July 2020

Residents of Sandvlei in Cape Town are knee-deep in water: 
Scarves and beanies donated to the needy in Cape Town for Mandela Month
11 July 2020, 8:02 PM
A few hundred scarves and beanies have been donated to the needy in Cape Town to help them stay warm this winter.
The charity organisation, 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, distributes thousands of scarves throughout the country through its Secret Scarf Mission programme.
This is in recognition of doing good for others in July, which has been declared a Mandela Month.
Scarves were seen hanging from trees in Lavender Hills on the Cape Flats for passers by to choose…
Ambassador for 67 Blankets for Mandela Day,  Sandi King says, “Together in Cape Town, we made 200-scarves all handmade. On the Cape Flats and there’s so much need here and people are so appreciative.”
The initiative is now in its seventh year. The theme this year is, “I’m not lost, you may take me home”, and the quality keeps getting better.
Ambassador for Project, Ruth Elly says, “What is heartwarming is when people see these scarves, they come to you and say how much, and I say you can have it it’s free.”
The scarves are also accompanied by a free hot meal.
Project Lockdown Feeding Scheme, Pastor Ivan Jones says, “We feed around 300 kids everyday. We prepare delicious cooked meals and we give children an orange and lollypop.”
Community member, Carmen Arendse says, “Thank you very much. The scarf and for the food that you give to the children. I appreciate what you do for the children in Lavender Hill. I say thank you to God for sparing us from the coronavirus.”
The initiative has now blossomed into a worldwide movement with knitting groups in countries like America and India.
Handed out to those in need, the project puts into action to Madiba’s words, it’s now in your hands. A celebration of Madiba’s life and legacy. This is part of a global movement to honor Madiba’s life’s work and act to change the world for the better.
In the video below, 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day NGO distributes scarves, beanies to the needy in Cape Town:  
Sol Plaatje Municipality hopeful of mayor’s recovery from COVID-19
11 July 2020, 6:08 PM

The Sol Plaatje Municipality in Kimberley in the Northern Cape says it is optimistic that Mayor Patrick Mabilo will overcome the coronavirus.

The mayor has tested positive and is currently in isolation.

Municipal Spokesperson Thoko Riet says Mabilo is in high spirits and has pleaded with those that came into contact with him to self-isolate.

“The mayor has received his results yesterday (Friday) and he has tested positive. He has announced his results on social media that he has tested positive. I haven’t seen the mayor, but knowing him, with his bubbly behaviour he is doing well.”

An Acting Mayor has been appointed to ensure that the delivery of basic services is continuing and that residents of the Sol Plaatje Municipality are kept informed on a regular basis of any material changes that can affect their daily lives.
The mayor has informed the speaker of his results and has encouraged his staff to undergo the necessary screening and testing.
Although the Office of the Executive Mayor remains closed, Mabilo and his office will continue to work from home and monitor the delivery of basic services to the residents of Sol Plaatje Municipality.


The Sol Plaatje Municipality Executive Mayor, Alderman Patrick Mabilo has…

Posted by Sol Plaatje Municipality on Friday, 10 July 2020


Bosnians mark 25-years since Srebrenica genocide that shocked the world
11 July 2020, 5:10 PM

Bosnians commemorated on Saturday the massacre of about 8 000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica, marking the 25th anniversary of killings that shocked the world and have stood out as Europe’s only atrocity since World War Two constituting genocide.

Grieving families stood by green-draped coffins of nine newly identified victims who will be buried at a flower-shaped cemetery near the town, where tall white tombstones mark the graves of 6,643 other victims.

About 1 000 victims of the massacre in the eastern town during Bosnia’s 1992-1995 war are still missing.

World leaders addressed the solemn ceremony by video link, unable to attend because of coronavirus epidemic. Instead of tens of thousands visitors who typically attend the annual commemoration, only a few thousand came after organisers banned organised visits.

During the Bosnian war, Bosnian Serb forces pushed non-Serbs out of territories they sought for their Serb statelet. Fleeing Muslims took shelter in several eastern towns, including Srebrenica, that were designated as United Nations “safe zones”.

On July 11, 1995, the Serb forces commanded by General Ratko Mladic attacked and overrun Srebrenica, which was protected by lightly armed Dutch peacekeepers.

They separated women and children from men and bussed them to territory controlled by the Bosnian army. The men and boys were killed, while those who tried to escape through the woods were captured and executed. Their bodies were dumped into mass graves and later exhumed by UN  investigators and used as evidence in war crimes trials of Bosnian Serb leaders.

“We grieve with the families that tirelessly seek justice for the 8 000 innocent lives lost, all these years later,” said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Washington brokered Bosnia’s peace deal months after the massacre.

Most people at the commemoration were Muslim Bosniaks, showing that Bosnia has not achieved reconciliation nearly 25-years since the end of its war, in which about 100 000 people were killed.

The UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia convicted Mladic and his political chief Radovan Karadzic over Srebrenica genocide but they remained heroes for Serbs, many of whom deny that genocide happened.

In the video below, 1995 massacre at Srebrenica during the Bosnian war:  



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