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Springboks eager to set the record straight against Australia on Saturday
14 September 2021, 5:01 PM

The Springboks are determined not to dwell on past officiating injustices as they prepare for another crunch Rugby Championship encounter against Australia in Brisbane this Saturday.

Last weekend’s narrow 28-26 loss did not tell the full story of the match, and so the Boks want to set the record straight at the Suncorp Stadium.

World Rugby is pretty clear these days: if you scrum an opponent of the ball you get the penalty. The Springboks base their entire game plan around pushing opponents off the ball. And, in that respect, the players and the coaches are experts.

However, what they can’t control is how the referee interprets the scrums.

Referees in the past have proven to be less than the best judges of the scrum, and it costs teams dearly when that happens.

Deon Davids, the Boks’ forwards coach, believes it could all be as simple as what angle and picture the referee is looking at as the basis for their judgment.

“The set pieces are a very important part of our game, talking about scrums and you know, scrums is an area which is very difficult to officiate and the important thing for us looking back is that we just need to make sure that there is alignment between the pictures that we see as coaches and the pictures that the referees have seen, so that going forward, we understand how we have to interpret and what are the areas we have to work on.”

Technical matters aside! Getting beaten by an opponent when you outscore them three tries to one, and seemingly impose yourself at will, is the sort of scenario that has stopped previous Springbok teams dead in their tracks.

One of the hardest workers in the team, Franco Mostert, the versatile second or back-rower, says this Bok side has the coping skills to understand where they went wrong, how to fix it, and how to handle the bounce of the ball.

“It still stays a rugby game. The ball can bounce anywhere. Sometimes your plans don’t work, sometimes your plans do work and unfortunately, the ball didn’t bounce our way credit to Australia. I think they were a bit hungrier than us, but we will work hard this week regroup and hopefully we can come back stronger.”

Being able to shake off what amounts to a bad day at the office – and not let it get you – is the mark of the good teams. The world champions have the opportunity on Saturday to forge ahead and prove why they are at the top of their game.

EFF takes local government elections campaign to the Vaal
14 September 2021, 4:22 PM

EFF leader Julius Malema along with the party leaders are taking the campaign for the upcoming local government elections (LGE) to the Vaal in Gauteng.

Malema has arrived at Bophelong in Sedibeng to engage with locals on what they want to see the EFF do for them if voted into power.

Hundreds of people, mostly dressed in the EFF regalia await the address by Malema.

Meanwhile, this evening the party’s Treasurer General, Omphile Maotwe, will be in Sandton, engaging with the business sector.

Acting Party Chairperson in Gauteng, Itani Mukwevho says the EFF will have its election manifesto launch on the 26th of September.

“The main (aim) of these meetings is to listen to the communities; speak to the president and EFF at large … what they expect from the EFF after the local government elections. But of paramount importance is that the EFF is going to have its election manifesto launch on the 26th of September.”

LGE 2021 | EFF leader Julius Malema addresses community meeting in Sedibeng:

Bela-Bela residents concerned over ‘incomplete’ projects in the area
14 September 2021, 3:01 PM

Some residents in the Bela-Bela Local Municipality in Limpopo say they are concerned about the lack of progress in the construction of two stadiums and a power station.

Construction at the projects has been at a stand-still for more than two years.

Residents say they want the projects to be completed and service the community.

The construction of a R6-million power station at Leseding in Bela-Bela stopped in 2018 due to a lack of funds. The stadium at Bela-Bela location, which was allocated R12 million is without a grandstand and a proper pitch.

Soccer goalposts are also damaged.

Work that has been completed at the stadium includes toilets, change rooms, four floodlights, and a borehole.

The second stadium in another part of Bela-Bela location, which was allocated R5.8 million has a grandstand, lights, borehole, and toilets.

Residents say they were looking forward to utilising the stadiums.

“The stadium is just a picture (sic). There’s nothing going on. I don’t see anything going on at the stadium, but there are no changes that are happening. Indeed, I feel like they must finish up those stadiums so that we can go and participate. It has been a while. They have been doing those things for long. We must make events there.”

DA Chiefwhip in Bela-Bela, Kepile Mothokwa says an investigation must be instituted to establish reasons behind incomplete work at the project.

“We don’t want to deal with one project, which we can single out, especially the power station, we are getting inside of it … we know that for those things not to finish there’s something deeper that the people are hiding.”

The Bela-Bela Municipality says construction at the power station was stopped because of an insufficient budget.

Spokesperson Kabelo Mosito says they want to do maintenance before handing over the two stadiums to the community.

“The issue of the sub-station … there was a budget that was allocated. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to complete the project. Our stadiums …  Moloto Stadium and Samsa Stadium are ready to be used. What only has to happen is for us, as the municipality, to maintain to make sure that they are in good standing and make sure that they are in good standards and officially open it for the public.”

Contralesa concerned that government’s silence will lead to illegal initiation schools this summer
14 September 2021, 2:13 PM

President of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) Kgoshi Lameck Mokoena is concerned that government’s silence on initiation schools will lead to illegal schools this summer.

Mokoena was reacting to government’s review of COVID-19 restrictions.

President Cyril Ramaphosa moved the country from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2 on Sunday.

Mokoena called on government to engage Contralesa to discuss the issue of initiation schools.

Mokoena says ingoma holders are making inquiries and are threatening to conduct initiation schools with or without government approval.

Provinces such as Free State, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, and North West conduct initiation school in summer. And some ingoma holders in these provinces are already preparing to open the initiation schools.

Traditional leaders and ingoma holders want government to lift the ban on initiation schools.

Contralesa President, Lameck Mokoena, says the government should expedite the process.

“Issues that affect traditional leadership are being sidelined, or are afterthoughts. We are raising this concern because when other entities are told to open even though in a controlled state, when it comes to the issue of traditional leadership we are orphaned. We are on our own.”

Mokoena says some provinces are already preparing themselves for the summer initiation schools. He says government has to come to the table to avoid mushrooming of illegal initiation schools which might have dire consequences.

“Already, I have got a call from Eastern Cape, Gauteng, and North West … they are saying they are preparing and they are going ahead. What makes matters to be more serious, some of the traditional leaders say with or without government approval are going to continue practicing their culture of initiation schools, and if that happens anything is possible.”

The initiation practice is an old tradition believed to be preparing youth for the transition to manhood, through cultural teachings.

Lately, the cultural practice had been commercialised and some initiates killed due to unsupervised circumcision.

Rea Vaya Operating Company PioTrans appeals to the City of Johannesburg to extend its contract
13 September 2021, 9:36 PM

The first Rea Vaya Bus Operating Company PioTrans is appealing to the City of Johannesburg to extend its contract when it ends in the beginning of 2023.

PioTrans was given a 12-year contract to operate the Rea Vaya bus service in the city in 2011. The company was established by 290 taxi owners that were operating on some of the current Rea Vaya corridors.

PioTrans CEO Noge Mochele wants the owners to reap the full benefits of the contract as they have lost their operators’ permits and their taxis were scrapped.

“It is important that our contract be extended so that we can get the true value of the what to me is a wonderful initiative. But what you don’t want is the contract to be ended prematurely and people who gave away their licenses for this investment are left destitute.”

First Rea Vaya Bus Operating Company, PioTrans wants its contract extended when it ends:



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