SA has the seventh highest level of organised crime in the world

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The civil society organisation Corruption Watch, says that criminality in South Africa is alarming. This follows the release of the 2023 Global Organised Crime Index.

It has revealed that South Africa has the seventh highest levels of organised crime in the world.

Executive Director at Corruption Watch, Karam Singh says they are still dealing with issues of grand corruption.

“It’s quite alarming at some level, but I suppose it’s not something that is incredibly surprising. From Corruption Watch’s stand point, we track issues of corruption in the country. We know that corruption is directly linked to issues of organised crime, following the revelations and findings at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry that we went through a difficult period of State Capture. But I suppose many would argue that we still are kind of living in the era of State Capture, we’re still dealing with issues of grand corruption.”

South Africa losing battle against crime: 2023 Global Organised Crime Index: