Gqeberha residents march against crime

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The residents of Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape continue to live in constant fear due to the rising levels of crime in the area.
Recently, the Metro was ranked as the most dangerous city in South Africa by the Mexican Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice.

The residents have taken it upon themselves to take a stand against crime.

Residents of New Brighton marched through the streets to voice their anger against crime in the area and to hand over a memorandum to the New Brighton Police Station.

Hijackings, rape, mass murders and gang related violence are what residents of Gqeberha deal with every day. According to the report the Metro’s murder rate increased by 37% last year.

Now, the residents say enough is enough.

“We gathered here as a community because we are very tired of crime. Crime rate here is very high. Each and everyday, there is incidents”

“Crime is very prevalent in our communities. Everyday we are leaving in fear. You don’t know that you might be the next victim.”

“I am a victim of crime myself. I was recently robbed in my house, they took cellphones, tvs. Crime happens everyday in our community.”

E Cape Crime Report | Violent crimes against women, children remains a major concern:

More police visibility

In Motherwell, residents held their own Imbizo to find ways to combat the escalating crime levels in the area. Ncedile Befile from Motherwell Ministers Fratenity, says they want more police visibility.

The residents say they feel imprisoned in their own homes.

Member of the Community Policing Forum, Mzukisi Pikinini, says establishing Community Police Forums to assist the police is another solution for the residents to fight crime.

(When we talk about our community, we don’t see visibility of the police. About the issues of crime they will always say they have one or two vans to patrol the whole Motherwell as Mother is already a red zone.”

According to NMB Police District Commissioner, Major General Vuyisile Ncata they are making strides in fighting crime and pleaded with residents to assist them in catching the criminals.

“Yes, we have seen complaints about crime and people crying but we have also seen a reduction. In the past financial year we have managed to reduce 12 serious crime categories out of 17 and that on its own is a display of that commitment and also a success. But it will never be enough as there are still crimes reported. So this needs us to work together with the community.”

Three police stations in the Metro are featured in the National top 30 of police stations with the highest murder rate.