Over 16 000 traffic fines issued: RTMC

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The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) says it has issued over 16,000 traffic fines thus far for speeding and failing to wear seat belts. RTMC says it expects a massive amount of vehicles on the roads today as travellers make their way back to their respective provinces.

RTMC Spokesperson, Simon Zwane, says, “Of concern though, is the number of people who are producing false documents when stopped and those who are driving without driving licenses. There have been a number of arrests made and our officers are out looking for such incidents that compromise the safety of others on the roads.”

Zwane says RTMC will continue its road safety operations until after the elections in May.

“We are not going to completely disengage after these holidays. We know that there is Freedom Day coming end of April, Workers Day, right up to Election Day. So we’ll continue to keep vigilance on the roads until all of those holidays have come to an end. And then we will continue with our normal work.”

Easter Weekend | Road traffic update: Simon Zwane