King MisuZulu tasked with announcing new Traditional Prime Minister

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AmaZulu King MisuZulu kaZwelithini is faced with the task of announcing a new Traditional Prime Minister following the death of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi last week.

He served in this capacity for 69 years since 1954, serving under three Kings.

Buthelezi played a pivotal role in the current Zulu monarch’s ascension to the throne despite factions within the Zulu Royal family and legal challenges.

Cultural expert Professor Sihawu Ngubane says there is no known process to appoint a new Traditional Prime Minister, since it is not a regulated position.

“There is no process that has been put in place because all we know is that the position of a Prime Minister of KwaZulu is not regulated, there is no Act that determines how the Prime Minister should be appointed. In fact, the process is guided by the customs, since this is a very significant position.”

“I think it is up to the King to act because as you saw yesterday [Monday] he visited [the] Buthelezi [family]. This was part of him being cleansed. From now on, anything can happen if he feels like appointing a new Ndunankulu,” adds Ngubane.

Ngubane says the next AmaZulu Traditional Prime Minister has big shoes to fill.

“It is going to be a mammoth task to choose a person that will follow after Prince Buthelezi, because of his calibre and experience in the position. But as you know, no one is irreplaceable. God will provide a new person to fit into the shoes of the late Prince Buthelezi.”

“We know that there can be no Buthelezi, he was unique and he is still unique because you know that African people do believe in after life. We still consider him as a unique person with integrity who held this position for a long time,” explains Ngubane.

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