KZN government dismisses claims it fired Misuzulu’s praise singer

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The KwaZulu-Natal government has refuted claims that it terminated the employment of King Misuzulu kaZwelithini’s praise singer, Buzetsheni Mdletshe.

This after the King issued a statement raising his discontent with the ANC-led provincial government accusing them of disrespecting the Zulu monarch.

But the provincial government says Mdletshe’s extended two-year contract expired in 2022 following his retirement in 2020.

KZN provincial government spokesperson Bongi Gwala says there is already a new praise singer appointed to take over from Mdletshe after his contract ended.

Gwala says, “There are two praise singers that were trained and mentored by Mr. Mdletshe, Mr. Mkhize and Mtshali, and today Mkhize is employed as a praise singer in his majesty’s portfolio. It would then not be prudent for the provincial government to have two praise singers who are paid by the government from the same budget, so that is where the issue is.”