Home Affairs declares war on long queues

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Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba says his department is finalising action plans to deal with problem areas they’ve identified at offices.

The department says it’s concerned following several queries from members of the public and the media on delayed processes and long queues at the offices.

Earlier this April, Gigaba went on a surprise visit to the Orlando West offices in Soweto as part of his on-going campaign to address the complaints.

He says he has received an assessment report that outlines the challenges faced by the public.

“The department is currently finalising the action plans to deal with problem areas identified. The report has identified those areas we think are behind this formidable challenge of queues. In terms of the report, long queues emanate from high client volumes, possible discontinuation of Saturday working hours, leadership issues at our front offices as well as front office spaces itself. The report further list as causes of long queues due to unstable systems, that is networks and applications.”

He has outlined a list of reforms his department is undertaking to address these problems.

Speaking at a media briefing in Pretoria, Gigaba outlined some measures to tackle the war on queues.

“We will be commissioning a customer satisfaction survey, to get the client contact centre working optimally and find a solution for unpredictable walk-in clients and for front office space. Explore possibilities of a new shift system, attend to the unstable system and scale up unannounced visits by senior managers to offices.”


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