Fort Hare Vice-Chancellor denies allegations of targeting Mabuyane

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The University of Fort Hare Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sakhela Buhlungu says allegations by Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane that he is out to persecute him are false and misdirected.

The premier recently alleged that professor Buhlungu is abusing power and has always persecuted him.

Responding to these allegations after a meeting with Higher Education Minister, Dr Blade Nzimande, professor Buhlungu says Mabuyane should rather blame the institutions senate for doing its job. The Vice Chancellor further refuted claims that the University is dysfunctional.

“On a normal day, I wouldn’t want to be discussing the premier. He’s taken the matter to the courts and that’s his prerogative. The Vice-Chancellor targeting him … that is absolutely untrue. The Vice-Chancellor doesn’t decide on academic matters. The decisions on academic matters are decided by the senate – the apex structure that decides on academic matters.”

Nzimande says the SIU should stick to investigating what is in the president’s proclamation and not go an illegal route to solve illegality at the University of Fort Hare.

The minister was addressing the media in East London, following a closed engagement with Fort Hare stakeholders earlier today.

The meeting was meant to address some of the university’s governance issues, and strengthening cooperation among the university’s constituencies.

The minister says the SIU has a tendency of going beyond its limits when investigating.

“The SIU must stick to the proclamation when it comes to investigations. I’ve raised this with Mr Mtibi, directly when we were meeting with him. I said I am worried sometimes that the SIU seems to be given a particular proclamation then it goes all over the place. I raised this with him, and the court seems to be reinforcing that because you cant fight illegality with illegality.”

Minister Nzimande meets with Fort Hare officials over challenges at the University: