‘Denmark and SA face many of the same challenges’

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Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen says her country and South Africa face many of the same challenges which may be overcome by working together.

Frederiksen is in the country together with her counterpart from the Netherlands, Mark Rutte to engage the South African government and business on ways to collaborate in migrating to a cleaner energy environment.

“You are also facing youth unemployment like many other countries and we are facing some of the same problems which are linked to the climate change which we need to combat. But at the same time we need to do it in a just transition way to create more jobs and to assure our populations and it is no matter whether it is in South Africa or the Netherlands or Denmark that all the people who are working in the old sectors or who are facing unemployment must know that there are new possibilities because of the green transition but we can only ensure that if we work together.”

SA, Netherlands and Denmark to solidify cooperation on renewable energy, just energy transition: