Alleged fraudster, murderer Agnes Setshwantsho a flight risk: Mabunda

Keshi Mabunda wearing white shirt and striped tie
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The bail application for Agnes Setshwantsho, accused of insurance fraud and the murder of her niece, has been postponed to next week. She appeared in the Molopo Magistrate’s Court in Mahikeng, North West yesterday.

Setshwantsho was arrested last month after a whistleblower alerted police about suspicions regarding the death of her niece, Bonolo Modisaemang, suggesting it was a murder to claim insurance money.

Investigation officer Keshi Mabunda, known for his role in the arrest and conviction of serial killer Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu, testified during the hearing.

Mabunda expressed concerns that Setshwantsho might attempt to flee the country, pointing out that she has relatives in Botswana. The officer uncovered that Setshwantsho had taken out approximately 40 insurance policies with five different insurers.

Insurance fraud accused’s case postponed in the North West:

The courtroom, filled with relatives and community members, expressed shock as evidence revealed the extensive number of policies Setshwantsho had obtained from various companies.

Responding to the revelations, family representative Itireleng Setshwantsho says, “We welcome the support of people flocking at home. It’s tough, we are struggling. We were coping before but now it’s tougher because a lot of things have been unearthed and old things, it’s taking us back. As a family, old wounds are being scratched. We do not want her to get bail.”

Police suspect that Setshwantsho might be connected to the deaths of her husband and two children, also speculated to be part of an insurance claim.

Authorities have requested the exhumation of their bodies to further investigate the matter.

Woman accused of family murder seeks bail: