What has been happening at Eskom is shocking: SIU’s Kanyago

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The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) says Eskom management is cooperating in the probe that has uncovered massive organised crime at the power utility.

On Wednesday, SIU head Andy Mothibi told Parliament that Eskom officials had developed sophisticated methods of hiding their involvement in companies that did business with the entity.

He said they also allegedly colluded with suppliers to deliver substandard coal to power stations.

“In some instances, Eskom officials approach complete strangers. This is part of the Modus Operandi. They approach complete strangers to set up sub-contractors and bank accounts though which to channel funds to officials. So, this is a deliberate scheme used by officials in terms of fleecing the Eskom.”

SIU spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago says what has been happening at Eskom is shocking.

“Things that were happening there are very scary. You find, people were deliberately sabotaging Eskom for their own benefits. For example, where people were giving Eskom, charging it for a certain quality of coal, but deliberately giving a lower quality and making sure that they collude with the people that are involved, to make sure that they deceive Eskom and get benefits out of it.”

Kanyago spoke to Morning Live about the investigations into Eskom:

Stage three blackouts

Eskom says its extended stage three rolling blackouts from Thursday morning until further notice.

The power utility says this is due to the failure of two units at the Kendal power station and a unit each at the Kriel and Arnot power stations. On Wednesday, Eskom implemented stage three rolling blackouts, saying it wanted to replenish the dam levels at the pumped storage stations.