SIU head tells Parliament about massive organised crime at Eskom

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Special Investigating Unit (SIU) head Andy Mothibi has told Parliament that they have uncovered massive organised crime at Eskom.

He says Eskom officials have developed sophisticated methods of hiding their involvement in companies that do business with the entity.

Mothibi says one case involves the supply of poor-quality coal from the Brakfontein mine for the Majuba Power Station in Mpumalanga.

Good quality coal from a different mine was presented for testing but what was delivered was coal from Brakfontein which had been ruled unsuitable.

“In some instances, Eskom officials approach complete strangers. This is part of the Modus Operandi. They approach complete strangers to set up sub-contractors and bank accounts though which to channel funds to officials. So, this is a deliberate scheme used by officials in terms of fleecing the Eskom.”

Faith in Eskom management

On Monday, the Presidency said President Cyril Ramaphosa continues to have faith in the management of Eskom as South Africa continues to endure rolling blackouts.

Eskom implements stage two load shedding on Monday from 4 pm until midnight. This schedule is expected to continue until Wednesday.

Briefing the media in Pretoria, Presidential spokesperson Vincent Magwenya told journalists that issues affecting the utility are complex.

“The President still has faith in the management and leadership of Eskom. It will not be prudent to single out an individual at this stage, considering and appreciating the complexity of issues at Eskom, as they’ve been outlined before multiple times. The President has confidence that with the appointment of the new board, the executive management team at Eskom, will have the necessary support strategically,” said Mangwanya.

Possibility of grid collapsing increases

Analysts say the possibility of a total collapse of the electricity grid this year, appears to have increased.

They have called on Eskom to have standard operating procedures in place to prevent the power station units from tripping.

Eskom grapples to keep the lights on: