ANC aiming for outright majority win in this year’s polls: Makhura

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Former Gauteng Premier and member of the African National Congress’s (ANC) national task team on coalitions, David Makhura, says the party wants to win this year’s general elections with an outright majority.

Makhura was speaking at the Mbombela stadium in Mpumalanga on Saturday, ahead of the ANC’s anticipated January 8th Statement next weekend.

“We are working with everything we do to win the confidence the South African people will give an overwhelming mandate to a party, and we say we are the party. This National Executive Committee is very clear: we are not asking the people to consider who we must work with. Coalitions in the context of our country – coalitions are not going to produce greater progress, which is what the people need. We are absolutely clear that we are looking at a full and clear mandate, which is what we are seeking from the people of South Africa.”

David Makhura on preparations for January 8th Statement:

However, in its recent analysis of the latest Ipsos polls, the Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) found that ANC support among eligible voters had dropped from 63% in 2015 to only 33% in June 2023. The combined opposition rose from 21% to 48% over the same period.

The ISI says the ANC is likely to form a government but is unlikely to win a majority in the highly contested elections.

Inclusive Society Institute GovDem Poll finds that ANC support has dropped significantly: