TMPD to crack down on ‘cold drink’ money

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Acting Chief of Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD), Basil Nkwashu has informed Metro police officers in Tshwane that motorists will now be allowed to request the officer’s appointment certificate, take photos of the officer and his vehicle, and record the occurrence.

This is according to a leaked directive issued by the Metro, in response to the high number of alleged extortion and harassment cases opened against metro police officers.

“In response to a host of requests for what’s been termed cold drink money from motorists by Metro Police Officers, Acting Chief of Police Basil Nkwashu has devised a plan to deter them from harassing and extorting motorists.

In a leaked directive in the possession of the SABC, Nkwashu has informed officers that the public will now be encouraged to request appointment certificates, take photos of the officers and their vehicle and also record the encounter with the officer as potential evidence against extortion and harassment.

This is after many cases of extortion and harassment were laid against the officers by members of the public.

Tshwane Metro Police Spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba is expected to respond to the claims against the metro police officers.