Tensions simmer after SAPS officer released for alleged rape

Police badge
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Tensions are slowly simmering in Ventersdorp in the North West. This comes after a 34-year-old policeman was awarded bail after being charged with raping a 14-year-old girl.

The Potchefstroom based officer was arrested last week following allegations that the girl was raped on the 15 of October.

The officer allegedly picked up the girl and three other friends while driving an official police nyala from Tshing Township.

An officer meant to uphold the law now he is accused of breaking it.

Appearing in court, the gallery heard how he picked up four girls in the local township promising them food and alcohol and then taking one to a local guesthouse to rape her.

His release on bail came as an unexpected shocker to many who now threaten to revolt against the police as a whole.

Community leader Thabiso Morulane says: “It is very sad to see such conduct especially from a SAPS member. If it was someone else that person would’ve have been denied bail but because it’s a SAPS member so he was just given bail, just like that. Even though there were reasons why they were opposing his bail application.”

For the young victim’s family the long journey to recovery is yet to begin.

The victim’s sister Kelebogile Mosiane, says: The child is traumatised at the moment. She can’t sleep at night. She doesn’t eat. She’s scared to go to school. Even when she hears noises outside she panics because she thinks the person is coming to get her. So I don’t know, this is South Africa, it’s allowed for a police guy to rape a 14-year-old child then its fine.”

With the scourge of sexual violence, more and more survivors are demanding justice.

A rape survivor, Dimakatso Schalkwyk  says: “I am also a victim. The very same night this girl was raped I was also raped. So I ask myself, if police are being released will the person who did this to me also be left alone just like that? Will justice be served?”

The accused warrant officer is expected back in court on the 21st of November.