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Yvonne Chaka Chaka denies her visa was revoked in Uganda
31 December 2019, 7:53 PM

Renowned musician, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, has denied that her visa was revoked in Uganda due to her support for an opposition politician, Bobi Wine.

Uganda’s Daily Monitor website reports that Chaka Chaka recently praised Wine as the ‘new Mandela’. She has also denied being deported from the country.

However, the police have confirmed that she has been deported due to an incorrect visa.

In a video posted on her Twitter account, Chaka Chaka says she took a decision on her own accord not to perform at a New Year’s Eve concert.

“Hello this is me. I just want to set the record straight. I am here, all is well I took a decision not to appear this evening at Enkuuka because there just too many things that I could not understand or explain but not deported, not arrested, not captured I know my country is worried, my people are worried, my husband is worried, everybody is worried – but I am fine.”

Durban ready to dazzle the city with a fireworks show
31 December 2019, 7:42 PM

As the New Year draws closer, Durban residents and tourists can expect a spectacular show of fireworks this evening at North Beach on the Golden Mile.

The city has put together a firework display and people can attend free of charge. The display will start at 11:4PM and end at 12:15AM. This is in line with the municipal by-law guidelines set to cater for people and animals. eThekwini mayor, Mxolisi Kaunda, says this will be a memorable experience for all who attend.

“We are more than prepared to usher them into the New Year, we’ll be displaying our fireworks here on the two piers, so we invite those who will be around the beach to come and take photos. They will be really beautiful photos when we usher ourselves into the New Year.

As people are thinking about their resolutions for the New Year, many Durban residents and holidaymakers say 2019 was a very tough year. Many say they are hoping to make a difference in the country in 2020.

Many are concerned with the situation in the country. Issues like unemployment, instability at schools and violence against women and children were raised as they reflected on 2019. Many say they are grateful that they were able to endure.

“It was a hard year but we made it. I’m a student and I learnt that we have to stand together and be strong as the youth. If we are together, we can conquer everything. In 2019, I learnt to never give up, there will always be challenges.”

Meanwhile, the city of Durban has started counting the economic spin-offs gained from the influx of holiday makers over the festive season. The coastal city recorded 1 million local and international tourists since the beginning of the holidays.

Kaunda says the season has been a fruitful one for the city. Kaunda says over the holidays the city managed to contribute 2.7 billion towards country’s economy. At the same time, the mayor has assured those who will be out and about to usher in the New Year, that  that police be out in full force to ensure safety.

Kaunda has urged those who will be out celebrating the start of the new year to do so responsibly. He also encouraged men to use 2020 to unite in the fight against gender-based violence.

“We must all enjoy responsibly, we wish all our citizens and all South Africans a prosperous new year as we usher ourselves to this new year. But let us deal with the old chapter and close it by their remaining hours so that when we usher ourselves into the new year we leave all the social ills that have been engulfing our nation especially gender based violence which had been showing its ugly face. So we must all work together to defeat that scourge. It is a scourge that can be defeated as long as we work together as a nation.”

The eThekwini Metro Police and the South African Police Services will be out is full force to ensure people’s safety. People have been warned not to drink and drive.

Eastern Cape ready to usher in a safe New Year’s celebration
31 December 2019, 7:21 PM

Port Elizabeth’s tourism hotspots have been jam-packed since December first.  Holidaymakers, who regard its many beaches, resorts and game parks as a small piece of paradise, are along for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Tshonono Buyeye the acting mayor speaks about safety and security: “Police and Metro will be deployed all over the beaches and city to ensure that everyone has a fun but safe time.”

The Eastern Cape as a whole always attracts many visitors thanks to its game parks, biome’s, beaches and resorts.

Authorities say they are anticipating that the Bay tourism numbers will be up for this year’s festive season.

Meanwhile, police are on high alert in the coastal village of Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape. That’s in anticipation of thousands of people expected on the coastal hamlet for New Year celebrations.

Second Beach also has a notorious reputation and over the past ten years has seen a number of fatal shark attacks and drownings.

Law enforcement officers along the Eastern Cape coastline have cautioned against the consumption alcohol on beaches.

Port St John’s, is still considered the jewel of the wild coast despite deaths recorded at Second Beach.

Safety and security measures are in place with a special focus on children at the beach. Nomvuzo Mlombile-Cingo, Mayor of Port St John’s explains that children will be tagged with a contact number.

“We have ensured safety and security measures are safe as we have deployed police in horse backs and traffics. We ensure that everyone gets tagged at the boom gate.”

Bloodhound supersonic car opts to return to SA in 18 months
31 December 2019, 6:41 PM

The team behind the Bloodhound supersonic car hopes to be back in South Africa to challenge the land speed record in around 18 months.

The Bloodhound had a successful test run this year, with the car reaching speeds of 1010 km/h.

It’s basically a jet plane, but without the wings.

Capable of breath-taking speeds, the Bloodhound’s mission is to shatter the land speed record.

It was set by Andy Green at 1227 km/h some 22 years ago. Green is also Bloodhound’s driver and explains while the Bloodhound was fast, it will need a rocket engine to propel it throughout the speed of sound.

“We are going to need some more power to get in the 20 km we’ve got here to get up to 1300 km/h and then to stop the car safely. So principally that involves fitting the car with a rocket motor, down in the underneath the jet engine.”

Bloodhound hopes that the successful test will bring sponsors on-board. The entire project was nearly abandoned a year ago, when it hit financial problems. Ian Wurhurst bought the company, saving it.

“I have no doubt that when people see this car in the desert it’s going to go down as the fact that we got here is a reality. We will be inundated with people wanting to sponsor the car, so that what going to be happening. We are going to assume that we will achieve that and so the plan is to go full speed ahead. The real legacy of the project is about getting people excited about engineering. That’s why I’m involved. Obviously a record will be nice.”

But while the British are responsible for the magic under the hood, locals here at Hakskeenpan have been busy with magic of their own for the past 10 years.

They’ve removed more than 16 000 tonnes of stones from the pan – making it the best racetrack in the world… Kalahari resident, Donovan Bezuidenhout, says that it was an amazing feeling to see the car up close and personal for himself.

“After all these years working here and actually you can touch the car, see the car and hear it start. It was amazing is what I can tell you.”

The area is already benefiting, with tourists visiting the area. But plans are already afoot for a post-Blooodhound economic injection.

The provincial government is adamant that it wants the area to benefit beyond the bloodhound land speed record attempt. It wants to maintain the racetrack in the hope of attracting other motor and extreme sports events.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka deported from Uganda
31 December 2019, 6:17 PM

South African musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka has been deported from Uganda. There were conflicting reports about whether she had indeed been deported.

However, Ugandan authorities have now confirmed that she’s been sent back to South Africa.

Chaka Chaka was in the country to perform in a concert to usher in the New Year.

A spokesperson for the Ugandan Police, Fred Enanga, says she came on an ordinary visa instead of a working visa.

Ugandan police spokesperson, Fred Enanga says, “Now this was essentially by our officials to help maintain the integrity of our immigration rules for all visitors to our country, including foreign musicians. We are hopeful that in the future Ms Mhinga Yvonne known as Chaka Chaka will once again visit our country Uganda when she applies for the right visa.”




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