Section 89 panel on day three of 10-day assessment of Phala Phala matter

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There are now only eight days left for the Section 89 Independent Panel of Experts to assess all the information received to determine whether President Cyril Ramaphosa has a case to answer on Constitutional grounds or not. The panel is entering day three of its 10-day assessment which started on Monday.

Its main task is to assess an ATM draft motion calling for Ramaphosa’s removal from office in terms of Section 89 of the Constitution. This follows the alleged theft of millions of US dollars at Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm in Limpopo more than two years ago.

Ramaphosa allegedly concealed the theft.

National Assembly Rule 129 and all the clauses outline the processes that should be followed at different stages, whenever a substantive motion is brought by a member of the National Assembly who invokes Section 89 of the Constitution, calling for the removal of a President from office.

Under Rule 129, the panel of experts has to be independent, impartial and must only apply the constitution and the law without fear, favour or prejudice during the assessment.

The rule does not make provision for the panel to conduct oral hearings. Its power is limited to receiving written and recorded submissions to conducts its assessment.

The panel said it’s busy assessing all the information including President Ramaphosa’s responses to the submitted information.