Scores injured in UJ bus collision

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Paramedics rushed to the scene of a serious collision involving two buses near the entrance to the University of Johannesburg on Kingsway Road, on Tuesday morning.

Two buses collided, leaving one overturned and lying on its side, obstructing the entire width of the roadway, while the other bus had crashed into a concrete structure, adding to the severity of the incident.

Several passengers were found to have sustained injuries, ranging from minor to serious. Incident commanders established an on-scene triage area to assess and prioritise the injured. Additional emergency resources were promptly dispatched to provide critical support.

Two buses collide UJ Kingsway campus in Auckland Park

Specialised hydraulic equipment, including the Jaws of Life, was used in a concerted effort with the Johannesburg Fire Department to extract several passengers trapped in the wreckage.

On-scene paramedics worked to stabilise the injured passengers before swiftly transporting them by ambulances to nearby hospitals for further medical care.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the collision.