Police monitor situation at Diepkloof hostel

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Police are on high alert and monitoring the situation around the Diepkloof hostel in Soweto on Tuesday morning.

On Monday protesters clashed with police, hurled stones at the police while police fired rubber bullets in an attempt to disperse them. Vehicles belonging to different media outlets including the SABC News were damaged after being hit with stones.

Residents are demanding electricity, water and ablution facilities among others. They also say the hostel is crumbling as it is in a state of dilapidation.

Joburg Metro Police spokesperson Xolani Fihla says the situation is calm at the moment.

Fihla says, “Hostel residents had attempted to close off Chris Hani road with rocks and burning tyres last night. But the officers managed to clear the roadway. Currently traffic is flowing on all major routes near the hostel and these include Chris Hani road, the N12 and N1. Officers will continue to monitor the area to avert any flare ups.”

Diepkloof residents clash with police over service delivery:

The situation is relatively calm in and around Diepkloof. Traffic is flowing normally along the Chris Hani road, which passes adjacent to the hostel. And police are stationed strategically along the route.

Relative calm has descended in and around the Diepkloof hostel.

Men in green overalls are busy emptying easy loo toilets, one of the sources of yesterday’s violent protest by hostel residents. Residents are demanding proper, flushing toilets and electricity.

They share a few communal taps, and the hostel structure is crumbling and has developed gaping cracks. The roofs leak when it rains, according to the residents. Residents say the state of the hostel has been like this for years. Some of the two-storey RDP flats are occupied while others remain vacant.

Residents have threatened more protests if there is no response from the government about their plight.

Diepkloof Protests I Protesters angry over a lack of services: