Police lauded for bringing down murder and drug dealing suspects

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Police Minister Bheki Cele has lauded police for what he calls a swift response in tracing five suspects linked to the murder of a drug lord and his family as well as other crimes in Durban.

The suspects were shot dead in a shootout with police at a flat in the city. Amongst them is a well-known drug lord.

Police say the flat was used as a hide-out spot for drug dealing.

Cele who visited the scene elaborates.

“Police as they do their work, they managed to find a person at the roadblock and they found two guns, drugs and police found themselves here. And the guys opened fire at the police and it was the wrong day for them. One of the guys here, who seems to be a leading guy, his father is a former cop and guns that have been found are five now, a lot of money has been found there, drugs and we believe we are on the right track.”

Five suspects shot dead in Glenwood, Durban: