Johannesburg member of the mayoral committee Dr. Mpho Phalatse has confirmed that the creche where two children died last month allegedly from rat poison is operating illegally.

Phalatse visited the creche in Westdene, west of the city but was refused entry by the landlords.

Phalatse says the landlord said, “This has been going on for about eight years. According to him it’s his domestic worker that has been looking after seven children, and according to him it was being done free of charge… however the mothers did confirm that they were paying a fee of R500 per child.”

On the 10th of May, two children under the age of two took ill after spending the day at the creche. Both children died in hospital.

“It’s not registered as a legal entity, so it’s not an NGO, it’s not a private company it has not gone through the city’s compliance processes and even in terms of national legislation there’s a lot of contraventions there so it’s illegal on every account.”

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