Phala Phala report compromised international image of SA: Mashaba

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ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba says South Africa’s international investment image has been compromised following the Section 89 expert panel report on the break-in at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm.

Mashaba held a media briefing in Durban. The panel found that the President may have a case to answer.

However, President Ramaphosa has lodged an application with the Constitutional Court to review and set aside the panel’s findings.

Mashaba believes businesses might be skeptical to invest in the country.

“Actually, by [President] Cyril Ramaphosa staying in government is actually making us a laughing stock of the world. In the meantime, while Cyril Ramaphosa is taking this matter on review, South Africa is going to suffer economically because investors are holding on this. Tell me, if you are an investor, would you invest in a country where you have the President of the country being involved in shenanigans.”

Mashaba believes after the 2024 general elections government will be formed through coalitions. During the briefing, he also welcomed new members from other parties. These include the DA, African Transformation Movement and the Abantu Batho Congress.

Among them, is former spokesperson for the African Transformation Movement, Sbusiso Mncwabe. Mashaba says there are prospects for his party to grow.

“We have committed ourselves to emerge if not being the biggest political party in this country, we want to be number two. And I can assure you we are going to be in government because we have proved beyond any reasonable doubt with our local government election last year in Gauteng. We are going to do it nationally come 2024.”

Meanwhile, KwaZulu-Natal DA leader Francois Rodgers says the people who were welcomed by ActionSA in Durban left his party some years ago.

“They are all former members and former councillors, none of them are current serving councillors or MPs or MPLs. Some of those names are people who were actually fired from the party for various transgressions. There are names there I know of individuals who left the party or forced to leave the party for more than five years, some ten years.”

Earlier, SABC News reporter Abra Barbier spoke to other political parties about the President’s decision to take the report to the Constitutional Court.

VIDEO | FF+ and COPE react to postponed debate of Section 89 Independent Panel Report: