Parliament launches investigation following claims that some EFF female members were inappropriately manhandled

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Parliament has announced that it has launched an internal investigation following claims that some Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) female members were manhandled inappropriately while being ejected from the house last week for disrupting President Cyril Ramaphosa address.

These were scenes that played out in parliament last week. EFF MPs being dragged out of the house by protection service members kicking and screaming. Now, some of the MPs have alleged that they were inappropriately manhandled during the ensuing chaos.

EFF has laid a criminal complaint with the police against the Speaker as well as complaining to the parliamentary authorities.

“The issue about the bouncers has been raised. I have taken that into consideration and there will be an investigation of this matter I did say that. I wasn’t aware this is what people are subjected to. We’ve agreed we are investigating it,” says Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, National Assembly Speaker.

“The bouncers you say are going to be investigated, we agree with you. We have already laid charges against you and those bouncers that have been manhandling women and even sexually harassing them. One of them was even kicking women right in front of your eyes, you didn’t call them out. You did not do anything,” says , EFF MP Ntombovuyo Mente.

Parliament says two parliamentary protection officers also suffered abuse, assault and intimidation from EFF MPs. The Speaker says the internal investigation will leave no stone unturned in getting to the root of the allegations.

One of the privileges which is enjoyed by MPs is that they cannot be prosecuted criminally or civilly for anything they say inside the chambers to guarantee their freedom of expression.

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