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Case against men accused of placing spikes on N1 in Limpopo postponed
17 September 2021, 8:24 PM

Four men accused of placing spikes on the road with the aim of robbing motorists have had their case postponed to the 1st of October in the Mokopane Magistrate’s court in Limpopo.

The case was postponed due to the recording machine being out of order. Police say the accused, undocumented foreign nationals, placed spikes at some points on the N1 and R101 roads, forcing motorists to stop after their cars’ tyres burst.

The accused are facing the charges of robbery, being in the country illegally, possession of fire-arms and ammunition.

NPA’s Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi says the accused have been remanded in custody.

“The bail of four men who were placing the spikes at N1 and R101 roads could not proceed in Mokopane Magistrate’s court because the recording machine was not working the suspects are remanded in custody until 1 October 2021 for bail proceedings.”

VIDEO: Operation O Kae Molao nabs a suspect targeting motorists by placing spikes on roads:


Fire destroys SANDF vehicles in Pretoria
17 September 2021, 7:50 PM

A fire has ripped through the South African National Defence Force depot in Pretoria, destroying numerous vehicles.

SANDF says the fire started outside the army’s vehicle depot in Wallmansthal last night and was extinguished this morning.

SANDF spokesperson Brigadier Mafi Mgobhozi says most of the vehicles destroyed in the blaze were broken down that were no longer in use.

“The fire started outside the unit and because of wind, the fire end up in our unit. The vehicles which were destroyed by the fire, those are the vehicles which were waiting for disposal because it is the vehicles which SANDF does not use and it’s the vehicles which we cannot repair anymore, most of those vehicles are scrap vehicles.”

VIDEO: Latest on fire that destroyed hundreds of SANDF vehicles in Pretoria


SAFPU vows to protect the rights of football players at all times
17 September 2021, 6:18 PM

The South African Football Players Union says it will leave no stone unturned to make sure the rights of players are protected at all times. SAFPU is engaging with the owners of DSTV Premiership club, Royal AM, to make sure the contracts of former Bloemfontein Celtic players are honoured until they expire.

Royal AM owner, Shaun Mkhize, bought the status of Celtic last month and the club relocated to KwaZulu-Natal. Now some players are crying foul.

In recent years South Africa has seen a big rise in the sale of professional clubs. Eleven clubs were sold in the past five years. In most cases, lower division clubs buy the status of existing clubs in top-flight football.

The biggest problem is that the rights of players in most instances are not protected. Shaun Mkhize bought the status of a bankrupt Bloemfontein Celtic, and players were given short notice to relocate from the Free State to KwaZulu-Natal.

“We discussed issues that were raised by the players, the non-payment of salaries, the short payment of salaries, and the issue of accommodation. How they really relocated from Bloemfontein to Durban. Now what we have agreed on was that the club would have said they suspected that some of the contracts were forged and our agreement was very simple that the problem that leads to that it’s because there’s never due diligence when the club is bought,” says SAFPU president Thulaganyo Gaoshubelwe.

SAFPU says safeguarding the interests and well-being of players is its main priority.

“We ensured that all those that were owed were paid their salaries and those that were not wanted by the club negotiated settlements and of course there are those who could not agree in terms of the settlements. Those matters we referring to we have sent them the letters and we will be referring those matters to the dispute resolution chamber,” Gaoshubelwe added.

But the football players union is happy that South African clubs have started acknowledging that players also have rights.

“I can tell you that at some point the rights of the players were never respected but I think it’s work in progress. I can tell you that a number of clubs do respect the contracts and the rights of the players. There are a few clubs of course I mean here and there and we still working on that particular process in particular when it comes to the rights of players. Because one thing a player, just like any other employee, would want to see is that their contract is respected,”  Gaoshubelwe explains.

Meanwhile, the international football players union – FIFPRO had a two-day conference in South Africa to elect representatives from the African continent to their global board.

“What we discussed a lot is actually the work that national unions do and how much they are supporting the players I mean we heard for example the story of Gabon where Remy and his team of the union have fought years-long battle to get the players paid who did not have money for two seasons or something like that and just the fight, the struggle, the perseverance to change the governance in the game and really put the players at the heart respect the human rights, ” says FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Baer Hoffmann.

The conference attracted representatives from 18 African countries including Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, and Zimbabwe. The gathering was also attended by unions from Germany and New Zealand. The violation of players’ rights is what most unions are grappling with in different parts of the world.

Mahikeng Municipality logo
Mahikeng Municipality under fire for rezoning plans of newly developed residential area
17 September 2021, 5:02 PM

The Mahikeng Local Municipality in the North West has come under fire for its planned rezoning of a newly developed residential area known as Mosiane View in Mahikeng. Residents have bemoaned the municipality’s plans to formalise the area.

They say the land in question is owned by the local Barolong Boo-Ratshidi traditional authority. But the municipality is also claiming ownership of the land. Victor Shuping says he moved to the area due to a lack of adequate services from the municipality.

“Due to the failure of the municipality, we have potholes, no street lights, I decided with my family to go and build at Mosiane. I found many people at Mosiane. We have made developments out of our pockets. There was no municipality worker or manager who was saying to us let us do this, we will help you.”

Meanwhile, the municipality’s spokesperson Johnny Nkoane says they have approached the courts to find a resolution to the impasse.

“This decision to rezone Mosiane View has been taken by council in 2017. It is not a matter of today. There has been an engagement where the municipality ended up going to court and obtained a court order because traditional leadership there continues to put people there.”

VIDEO: Mahikeng Local Municipality under fire for rezoning plan:


On Tuesday President Cyril Ramaphosa announced plans to eradicate the pit latrines system in the country.
Court rules in favour of Section 27 regarding Limpopo schools pit toilet case
17 September 2021, 4:54 PM

The High Court in Polokwane, Limpopo, has delivered judgment in the matter brought forward by advocacy group Section 27 against the Basic Education Department’s plan towards the complete eradication of pit toilets.

Judge Gerrit Muller ruled that the Limpopo Education Department was in violation of an order handed down during the Rosina Komape versus the Minister of Basic Education and others in 2018.

Section 27 spokesperson Ntsikelelo Mpulo says the ruling will compel government to revise its initial plan.

“The judgment is a vindication of the rights of learners in Limpopo to safe and dignified sanitation. It follows a six-year legal battle to ensure that the Limpopo Department of Education and the Department of Basic Education (DBE) eradicates pit toilets in that province. We requested the court to direct the Member of the Executive Council in the Limpopo Department of Education (“MEC”) to remedy the shortcomings of the plan to ensure that it is constitutionally compliant. We are delighted that the court has recognised the urgent need to eradicate pit toilets in our schools,” Section 27’s Ntsikelelo Mpulo explains.





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