PAC aims to decolonise judicial system

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The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) President, Mzwanele Nyhontso says his party will decolonise the judicial system and make it relevant and applicable to the African conditions. He was speaking at his party’s manifesto launch in Soweto earlier ton Saturday. Nyhontso says the legal and judicial system must reflect African culture, moral values, and punishment methods.

After experiencing a serious electoral decline in previous elections, the PAC traced the footsteps of its forbearers. It launched its manifesto at its 1959 ”birthplace” in Soweto.

It’s a simple and six page document of election promises seen as a pledge to serve diligently and with dignity.

“Friends and allies, comrades and fellow Africanists, we are launching this manifesto as our pledge to continue to serve the people. The manifesto provides details and it is an expression of the will to serve with diligence and a sense of duty.”

PAC launches election manifesto at the Orlando Communal Arena in Soweto: 

The PAC unveiled a 14-point plan to turn South Africa around, by building a functional, dependable, and reliable state.

“We advocate for a unified state that upholds national values. The state’s function is to provide justice, accountability, security, and the safety of its citizens and all its assets. The government must be trustworthy.”

And, for this to be realized, South Africa needs a different form of the constitution and legal system.

“The legal and judicial system must reflect African culture, moral values, patterns of behavior, and punishment methods. The current system must be decolonised. The constitution of the country must be subjected to continuous improvement in line with the wishes for national liberation. A plebiscite must be conducted by votes where improvements and amendments to the constitution are required.”

The party used the occasion to lash out at what it calls “the unfair funding of the DA and its political off-springs”.

“Today in SA we have four DAs, ActionSA, the third is Rise Mzansi and the fourth is Bosa. All of them are given money daughter, cousin, and the reason is to destabilise the revolution and take us back where we were. Hypocrites, agents we see you.”

And with its manifesto, the PAC hopes to turn its electoral fortunes around and have a sizeable number of MPs and MPLs after the May 29 elections.

PAC President Mzwanele Nyhontso launches manifesto: