Objections to nominations unlikely to adversely affect ANC National Conference: Analyst

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Political analyst Oscar Van Heerden says the objections raised by some disgruntled members of the African National Congress (ANC) ahead of its National Conference from the 16th of this month, are unlikely to affect it adversely.

This comes after the objectors demanded that the total number of branch nominations received per candidate, including branch nominations, be provided.

But the Electoral Committee hit back saying the objections are unfortunate as they are based on a misconception of the ANC Constitution.

Van Heerden says that what the ANC is doing now is ensuring that those elected are in good standing.

“The Committee is busy with vetting, looking at, do you have a criminal record, is there anything untoward in terms of party discipline. There’s a number of people on the list that have had some transgressions on social media, that has clapped a female, and many others. So, these are matter that they are taking into consideration. Once they announce the final list, we are waiting with bated breath to see whether some of those names have actually been removed,” Van Heerden explains.

VIDEO: Objection of NEC nomination list by some ANC members: