Cabinet reshuffle: No clear indication of the fate of ministers not on NEC list

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It is unclear whether President Cyril Ramaphosa will sack some ministers who did not make it to the new African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee (NEC) and replace them with newcomers.

Ramaphosa says the ANC will have its own Lekgotla in which such discussions will take place.

“Just obliterate from there and wait for the moment where the president would have applied his mind and stop asking when will it take place. Just know that the president will apply his mind and as always we’ll be coming to you all and to the nation and telling you what is going to happen. So relax have a cup of coffee and just sit back and watch the space.”

On Friday President Ramaphosa said he’s applying his mind to what to do with the reconfiguration of his cabinet.

This comes as the debate on what will he do next to reconfigure his cabinet continues to gain momentum across the country.

President Ramaphosa says he’s applying his mind about Cabinet reshuffle:


Meanwhile, the newly-elected ANC deputy president Paul Mashatile says he’s willing to accept the position of the country’s deputy president if the party deploys him.

The country’s Deputy President, David Mabuza, is not a member of the ANC NEC, which might see him exiting government.

Mashatile says if the time comes for him to go to the Union Buildings he will not hesitate to do so.