Mpumalanga ANC suspends Mandla Msibi for misconduct

Mandla Msibi
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The African National Congress (ANC) in Mpumalanga has suspended its provincial treasurer, Mandla Msibi, for misconduct.

Msibi’s membership has been suspended for three years for violating the party’s constitution.

Two years have been suspended provided Msibi is not found guilty of the same offence in that period.

In January, Msibi, Sibusiso Bhuda Mdluli and Mandla Mhlanga were temporarily suspended after they allegedly demanded that President Cyril Ramaphosa come meet with them in Pienaar on the day of the January 8 Statement celebration.

It is alleged that they threatened to sabotage the celebration.

Provincial ANC Secretary, Muzi Chirwa, says the three appeared before the party’s disciplinary committee.

“The membership of comrade Mandla Msibi is suspended for three years, and the operation of the two years is suspended on condition that he is not found guilty on a similar offence during the period of suspension. Then on comrade Mandla Mhlanga – on all the counts put before the provincial disciplinary committee – we unanimously agree that he was not found guilty. Then on comrade Sibusiso Sbuda – on almost all the counts, he is found guilty and the sanction is an expulsion from the ANC with immediate effect.”