Mpumalanga ANC suspends Mandla Msibi for misconduct

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The ANC in Mpumalanga has suspended its provincial treasurer and Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC Mandla Msibi for misconduct.

Msibi’s membership has been suspended for three years for violating the party’s constitution.

But, two years have been suspended should he not be found guilty of a similar offence during that period.

The party has also expelled Sibusiso Mdluli.

Mandla Mhlanga was not found guilty on any of the charges.

The ANC announced this during a media briefing held in Mbombela.

This is not the first time that Msibi is at loggerheads with his organisation.

He was accused of trying to sabotage the party’s January 8 Statement in Mbombela.

Msibi and one of his co-accused, Sibusiso Bhuda Mdluli, were found guilty of misconduct.

Mdluli was then expelled from the ANC.

The members allegedly demanded that President Cyril Ramaphosa come to meet with them in Pienaar outside White River on the day of the January 8 celebration.

ANC provincial secretary Muzi Chriwa says, “The membership of Comrade Mandla Msibi is suspended for three years and the operation of the two years is suspended on condition that he’s not found guilty on similar offense during the period of suspension. Comrade Mandla Mhlanga on all the counts put before the PDC unanimously agree that he was not found guilty, then on Comrade Sibusiso Sbuda on almost all the counts he is found guilty and the sanction is an expulsion from the ANC with immediate effect.”

The ANC says the decision to suspend the party members was not an easy decision to take.

Chirwa says the ANC is yet to make recommendations regarding the verdict and Msibi’s deployment in government.

Political analyst Solly Masilela says the position taken by the ANC to suspend Msibi and expel Mdluli shows the organisation is realigning itself with what the party leadership have been advocating, renewal and discipline.

“You would remember that he has in the past had up and runs with the ANC in terms of compliance, you would remember at some stage he was allegedly accused he was in an environment where a member subsequently arrested, and the ANC because his case was struck off the roll, kept him not in the ANC but in government. I think now the chickens have come home to roost in line with the allegations to disrupt the January celebration of the ANC, you can look at it that the ANC is beginning to realign itself with the commitment to renew itself.”

Police were deployed outside the ANC Mpumalanga provincial offices after the media briefing announcing the outcome of the disciplinary hearing against Msibi.