‘Moonshot Pact Convention a historic milestone for SA’

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National Chairperson of ActionSA Michael Beaumont says the Multi-Party Convention taking place in Kempton Park over the next two days is a historic milestone for South Africa.

The party is one of seven opposition parties that will participate in discussions on forming a pact for an alternative government to the African National Congress (ANC) towards the 2024 election.

The leaders of the different parties have been meeting every week for the last three months to find common ground.

Beaumont says, “It has been difficult and let me say, we are not yet there, the next two days are going to be difficult but certainly the gravity of the moment and the unequivocal voice of South Africans saying ‘we see this as an important first step to fixing our country’ must hang over all our heads, to remind us that even if we have differences and things over which we disagree, we have to be able to find important common ground to the challenges facing South Africa.”

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen says the Convention will be independently chaired by respected Wits School of Governance Professor and Democracy Works Executive Director William Gumede.

VIDEO: On Monday, DA’s John Steenhuisen urged more forces to join, unseat the ANC and deny the EFF power: