ActionSA to present plans to avert possible water shutdown

Water pipelines
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ActionSA says municipalities need to start investing in replacing ageing water pipes to avoid losing high volumes of water.

The party will today present its plans to Rand Water on averting South Africa’s looming water crisis.

This comes after the Department of Water and Sanitation warned that if phase two of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project is not completed on time, there could be a water shutdown.

It is the largest infrastructure project between the two countries and involves the construction of tunnels and dams to divert water from the Lesotho mountains to South Africa.

The party has blamed government for the deterioration of the country’s water infrastructure.

ActionSA’s National Chairperson Michael Beaumont says, “There also has to be the protection of our water and the prevention of groundwater contamination that we’ve seen all over our country. We need to drive down water demand. We saw from the City of Cape Town how important it was to bring people to be aware of the crisis and to change their habits in such a manner that they can reduce demand and manage this period effectively until the Lesotho Highlands comes online.”

PODCAST | ActionSA set to present Rand Water with plans to avert South Africa’s looming water crisis:

Reporting by Diteboho Ntimane.