Water woes continue in the eThekwini Municipality

Water running from a tap
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Some residents of the eThekwini Municipality in Durban say their water problems have not yet been resolved. This is despite Deputy President Paul Mashatile recently saying 90 percent of the residents were getting proper water.

The Metro was Mashatile’s first stop, after being appointed to head a task team on water challenges in the country.

The Phoenix Civic and Ratepayers’ Association says the Deputy President does not know what is happening on the ground.

The association’s Alice Govender says, “I don’t know where he gets these figures from. I don’t know what is being fed by eThekwini municipality and I don’t know what the Mayor and his delegation are telling the Deputy President because that’s certainly not the case on the ground. Because if that was a case on the ground, you wouldn’t see us protesting, you wouldn’t see us constantly writing to the municipality, trying to engage with them, trying to get water tankers every day.”

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