Manifesto to outline methods of fixing SA: ActionSA

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ActionSA says its election manifesto launch will outline methods of fixing South Africa, government with a particular focus on the economy and loadshedding amongst others. The party says today’s event is dedicated to all South Africans who have been let down by a failed political establishment.

It will be the first time Herman Mashaba’s party is contesting general elections this year. The party’s Chairperson, Michael Beaumont, says they are expecting around 5 000 party members and supporters from Gauteng, at their launch held at Ellis Park Indoor Arena in Johannesburg.

“We are very happy that we’ll be presenting our manifesto after all the other parties because I think they’ve misread that national mood. They’ve come out and laid new promises on top of broken promises and they’ve made claims that are not credible because they have not told South Africa how they are going to fix SA. WE are here today not just to talk about how we can fix government so that they can deliver on that change. But the changes that we will bring to government that will give confidence that these programs will succeed.”

Beaumont says they are calling for a peaceful solution to end the Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East. He’s been speaking on the sidelines of the party’s manifesto launch at Ellis Park Indoor Arena in Johannesburg. Beaumont has reiterated that despite some criticism over the party’s approach to the war, they want to see an end to human rights violations ….

“Our stance is consistent, and it has been since September last year. We believe in an international relations position that is based on the self-interest on South Africa and on human rights. And what we’ve seen in the Middle East is undoubtedly massively concerning from a human rights perspective.”

ActionSA Manifesto Launch | Supporters gather at Ellis Park: