ActionSA’s manifesto to focus largely on job creation

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ActionSA says economic growth and job creation will be top of the agenda at the party’s manifesto launch tomorrow.

The party briefed the media in Johannesburg today where it shared its five plus one key priorities to fix South Africa.

National Chairperson Michael Beaumont says ActionSA will share its plans with South Africans tomorrow, on how it plans on creating millions of jobs.

“What we will be putting forward tomorrow is a very ambitious programme to create millions of jobs in this country. But importantly providing the mechanism in which the private sector and public sector will contribute towards those outcomes through programmes of government. We will be tabling once again our inclusive economic empowerment policy to ensure that we can redress the economic legacy of our country but do so at the level that BEE has never, which is the grassroots level where people who are not politically connected have never had the opportunity to benefit.”

The party says it will also share its plans on how it would secure the country’s borders.

“We will assert the right of every South African to live in a South Africa that has borders and the right of their government to ensure that we determine how goods and people move in and out of our country. This is the basis upon which all successful countries in the world operate and we continue to put forward that ActionSA will occupy the rational middle ground on this debate,” says Beaumont.