M2 bridge re-opens on Monday

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The M2 bridge in Johannesburg has re-opened on Monday morning, after being closed for eight months due to construction rehabilitation by the municipality.

The bridge was closed after authorities found that the structural defects were a potential danger to motorists.

It cost the city of Johannesburg R160 million to refurbish the bridge.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says: “The ribbon was cut on Thursday last week by the Executive mayor of Johannesburg. We are seeing literally hundreds of motorists using the M2 bridge being very happy and blowing hooters as a sign of appreciation, and we are happy that everyone can use the freeway.”

Meanwhile taxi drivers and commuters have expressed joy at the re-opening of the bridge

They say they won’t have to endure major traffic disruptions anymore.

One of the road users says: “Closure of the M2 caused major disruptions to traffic, there was congestion and everyone complained about being delayed to work. It affected us badly so we are happy it has reopened.”


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