SABC launches project reflecting on 30 years of democracy

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The SABC News Group Executive Moshoeshoe Monare says that the goal of the public broadcaster’s 30 years of democracy project is to examine South Africa’s journey since 1994.

As part of the project, all SABC platforms will feature content related to the country’s democracy, including people’s perspectives on their experiences during this time.

Speaking at the launch of the project at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg, Monare emphasized its significance, especially as South Africans prepare for next month’s elections.

“Elections are about giving voices and a platform to political parties campaigning, so away from that noise, away from where political parties are competing with each other – we want to say – as a nation, as South Africa, there is something worth celebrating, and that is the democratic miracle of 1994,” Monare said.

He added, “And we are saying outside the political parties, outside the political campaigns, away from political noise, we want ordinary South Africans to reflect on what does this mean to you. And to us it’s just a reflection, just to pay tribute to 1994, to pay tribute to what happened in the country in 1994.”

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