Residents have turned out in force outside the Galeshewe Magistrate’s court in Kimberley to support those arrested during a protest in the city last week.

Police now say 193 people are to appear in the Galeshewe and Kimberley magistrate courts, after earlier giving a figure of 148.

On Thursday, thousands of residents marched to the Sol Plaatje municipal offices demanding the immediate resignation of the mayor, municipal manager and chief financial officer over planned electricity hikes.

The protest turned violent and police began to make arrests. These residents outside the court feel they were targeted.

They say they were at court to give support to their community members who have been arrested on Thursday while they were at a legal strike.

“It’s not nice, it’s painful that they’re arrested because of what happened. Because they fought for what they believe is right,” one of the resident said.

“We’re here today for our comrades who were arrested on Thursday and Friday, and over the weekend. We want them to be released with immediate effect,” another resident says.