Residents in Kimberley are expected to shut down the city, demanding the resignation of Sol Plaatje Municipality Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Lydia Mahloko and Municipal Manager, Goolam Akhawaray.

The two senior officials are accused of flaunting tender processes and appointing a public relations company to communicate the then planned electricity hike which was supposed to be implemented this month.

The company was allegedly paid over a R1 million. The first shut down happened in June that saw many shops in the CBD and roads in Galeshewe closed. One of the organisers of the shut-down, Tumelo Masikare says the two individuals must go.

“From what we wanted the last time only a few of the demands were met, key ones like for example the CFO and the municipal manager that wanted to charge us expensive for electricity they still remain. Tuck shops continue to sell electricity with R1  and R2 extra. If they are protecting those two officials then all of them must go including the mayor.”