Late Aggrey Klaaste honoured as a struggle activist

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The late former Sowetan newspaper Editor and author, Aggrey Klaaste, has been honoured for his role as a struggle activist, journalist and nation-builder.

It’s hoped that the new state-of-the-art library, named after him, will assist the community of Kimberley’s oldest and poorest township of Greenpoint to better their lives.

Klaaste, who died in 2004, introduced the concept of nation-building at the newspaper he led in the late 1980s.

Son of the late editor, Jerome Klaaste, explains:

“The nation-building concept, it affected the whole country, the continent and globally. He was known as well because of his thinking back then in the late 1980s. And us as a trust, our mission, our primary mission is to make sure that we revive those concept of nation-building because in 1988, if you remember, so the country was in a serious state of crisis. We once again in a city state of crisis of people and we feel that we can look back at that concept of nation building to tease out lessons we can use.”

The Northern Cape premier, Dr Zamani Saul, says Klaaste was one of the most iconic individuals in SA.

“One of the most iconic individuals in South Africa, a very good writer and freedom fighter. So we thought it appropriate to name this facility after him so that his spirit can always be here. And what people are doing here should resonate with achievements that he has done. We firmly hope that just naming this facility after him really services and inspires and particularly to young people here.”

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