IFP concerned that millions of potential voters are not registered

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Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) President Velenkosini Hlabisa has raised concerns that millions of potential voters are not registering to vote.

Hlabisa was speaking at King Shaka high school at Umlazi during his visits to various voter registration stations around Durban.

Hlabisa has encouraged voters to register if they want to make change in their communities.

“The main message is I want to send to the people who have said, we have lost hope because we are unemployed, there is crime, there is load shedding, there is corruption, no consequence management, so we see no need of registering and even of voting next year. My message and appeal to them is, if you don’t do anything, the government that is not doing anything for you, will remain in power not doing anything for you. If you want to see a change, if you want to see a government that is going to deliver services, stand up go and register, next year go to the voting station and use the power in your hand to remove a government that is failing you.”

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