Attorney at TGR Attorneys Justin Ramages says there was no consideration given to the victims of convicted rapist Bob Hewitt, before the decision made to grant him parole.

This comes after the parole board confirmed that 79-year-old Hewitt would be released on parole next week.

Hewitt is currently serving a six year sentence, after he was convicted in 2015 of rape and sexual assault of minors he once coached during the 1980s and 90s.

Speaking on Morning Live Ramages says, not including the victims in the parole decision was a short-coming on the part of the parole board, adding that the victims are interested parties who should have been consulted as they are clearly still traumatised about the events that took place years ago.

Meantime, Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola has halted Hewitt’s parole, adding it needs to be reviewed because there was no input from victims.

Ramages says the matter will now have to go to the parole review board which can either uphold the initial decision on the matter or suspend it and apply their own decision.

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One of the sexual assault victims of former tennis champion says she was devastated and angry after hearing about the decision to grant him parole.

Olivia Jasriel says they were not consulted on the matter as the law dictates.

Jasriel says they will testify to the Parole board on why Hewitt shouldn’t be granted parole if they’re called to do so.

“He was already discounted because of his age. He should sit his full 6 years out and he should stay there. He should think about what he did, he’s shown us absolutely zero remorse. He absolutely shattered my family. We’re definitely going to oppose his parole. 3 years compared to my life in prison not okay.”